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Featured Poem


When I have had enough of the world
Will I choose to take my life away from it?
When I have had enough of the cruelty
Will you see you had a part in the decision?

Are you blinded, can you see the pain you cause?
Perhaps you don’t care, perhaps you’re heartless
In your world do you see everything you do as right?
Are your insecurities so great you can not acknowledge?

I watched so many tear others down to feel better
In times like that I see despair deepen and take over
Your venomous words are nothing but deadly poison
If I left this world you would be somewhat responsible

I accept I am not perfect, indeed I have many flaws
Unlike you I forever strive but will never be perfect
So quickly you are to use them as deadly ammunition
And I am tired of fighting I’m so tempted to let you win

Oh the despair I have seen and felt from the cruelty
The lives already lost gone forever over nothing
Beautiful people with wonderful hearts, perhaps naive
Wanting only love, taking their lives because you don’t see

©Michol Tuttle

All Original Material (C) by Michol Tuttle